You Can Get a Diamond from YouTube

Did you know that YouTube is recognizing your progress by providing benefits and awards as you grow your subscribers? Yes way!

Here are the levels and awards waiting for you:

Benefit Levels

1. Graphite  (1-1,000 Subscribers) You can manage your channel with the Creator Studio where you can connect with the creator community and get updates on how your videos are doing. You also get help from the the creator support team and learn with the Creator Academy.

2.  Opal (1,000-10,000 Subscribers) You get the chance to be invited and meet fellow creators during a Creator Day. Join workshops, happy hours, music nights, screenings, conferences and more while you visit Creator Spaces near you. And, you can attend local meetups organized by YouTube Ambassadors. Cool!

3. Bronze (10,000-100,000 Subscribers) You can now become a YouTube Ambassador! Yay! You also become eligible for the YouTube NextUp Contest where you could win new equipment/s and a spot at a WEEKLONG creator camp at your nearest YouTube Space. You also get to join the channel consultation program and unlock production access at YouTube Spaces. Yipee!

4. Silver & Up (100,000 and above Subscribers) You now have an access to exclusive invites that includes attendance to YouTube FanFest, VidCons, and Fan Clubs. You will also be provided with one-on-one support by having your very own YouTube partner manager as business offers would surely fill your inbox. You get to secure a spot in the Creator Hall of Fame and the most exciting part is (drum rolls) you can now start redeeming Creator Awards! Fantastic!

Creator Awards

These are the YouTube Play Button Plaques and Trophies that they will send to your home as a form of high recognition for your achievements.