Why Choose Bluehost?

If you are looking for a web hosting services provider, I would highly recommend Bluehost.

I have been using their services for three months now and everything went very smooth from the beginning until today.

You get a free domain name when you sign up and it can be anything you want depending on its availability. If, on the following day, you decided that you want a different domain name, their customer service is ready to help 24/7 and would quickly resolve your problem politely. They could also give you a step by step instruction on how to set up your website the way you dreamed it to be.

I went to use WordPress to build my website because it’s more user-friendly and has proven versatility. I didn’t worry about codes and appearance of my website with their ready made themes and plugins. You can even preview the entire set up before going live to make sure that everything would be perfect.

With the increasing threat in the online world, security will always be our number 1 concern. So far, Bluehost hasn’t let me down. They blocked suspicious attempts in your site, they make constant updates to improve more security features and they provide free SSL Certificate so you don’t deal with impostors.

My website’s speed performance is also pretty promising. I have never experienced any delays or glitch within my timeframe so I can’t really speak so much about it.

And lastly, I loved how the community Bluehost and WordPress users come together to support each other. The people in this community are so kind and would really boost you and your site’s full potential. We are like family.

So I am hoping that you make the right decision and choose Bluehost as your web hosting service provider.


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