Top 5 iPad Apps that Help Kids in School

It's the first week of school in our area and I would like to share some of the iPad apps that I use to support my 2nd grader's learning development. With proper guidance, tablets provide useful and effective tools that help our kids perform better in their classrooms.

  1. Raz Kids A-Z - this app is equipped with leveled ebooks and quizzes for grades K-5 that will boost their reading comprehension skills. Register for a free trial or pay $94.95 for a full access. Pretty expensive! Luckily, my child's teacher has set up an account for the whole class to take advantage of it. So, I guess you may ask your kid/s teacher if they support this program. It helps your kids reach their reading goals every day. Like for my daughter, she needs to read at least two books a day.
  2. BrainPop Jr. Movie of the Week- if you are tired of explaining the difference between the clock's hour hand and minute hand, this will save you from becoming a werewolf. It offers great educational videos that covers most of the school subjects and it makes learning fun for the kids. Just download it for a free movie each week or sign up to a full membership access for only $6.99 a month. This is perfect for kids ages 5-9.
  3. Teach Me - this app has six separate levels from pre-k to 3rd grade. It specializes on learning through practice. We are using the 2nd grade app and I love how it focuses on spelling and practical math. They get digital coins as rewards for every correct answer and they can spend it to build some interesting collections in the app. You can get all 6 apps in a bundle price of $7.99 or just download what you need. Each price ranges from $.99 to $1.99. You have the option to control the difficulty for each topic and it features a summary page where you can track your child's progress for each subject. 
  4. Starfall - I suggest that you register for the home membership for only $35 which is valid for 365 days. It is tax deductible because Starfall Foundation is a publicly supported charity. The reason why I always register to their home membership every year is because my kids love this program so much. It offers different activities for them to learn and play, music to sing-along with, and books to read. Once you become a member, you can also go to their website and get access to numerous printable activities, customize worksheets, downloadable materials and workbooks via teacher's/parent's lounge. Otherwise, you can still get their other apps that range from free to $4.99. 
  5. GoNoodle - this is a free app that can help your kids move around and engage in fun interactive activities. Its features research-based exercises and are beneficial to the brain in specific ways. Whether you want to calm your kids down or teach them how to dab, you can find videos that support your needs. Download it now and find out more about its contents and categories.

Those are my top 5 educational apps for you try and I wish you and your kids all the best this school year.

  • I am not affiliated in any of the products mentioned above nor get any compensated if you choose to sign up, register or download their app. 

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