How To Earn Money from Vlogs?

Brace yourself! This hobby of posting videos on social media and Youtube channels has now turned into a rewarding business for most of the people who took extra time learning the trend.

Here are some of the ways to bank some cash:

1. Sell Merchandise – by selling merchandise, it means launching your own clothing line, fashion accessories, home decor, stationeries, bed and bath, and anything in between. You can also resell existing products if you want to. But before you invest on merchandise production, be sure to check your audiences if they would be interested in buying your products or if you have a significant number of viewers who would potentially get attracted with it.

2. Join Amazon Affiliate Program – you need to have an account to join the program. Once you created an account, just log in and click the Amazon Affiliate Program button or click this link. Let's say you are already affiliated to Amazon. You will then just copy the html codes generated by Amazon and paste it on your video description page. For example, you made a video entitled "What are the Good Cameras for Vlogging?". On the description, you can create a list of the cameras that you mentioned on the video and paste the Amazon link for each of the product on your list. The link should directly come from your Amazon Affiliate account. You get a commission when people buys from your link.

3. Promote Your Business – it applies to people who already owned a business. You can create videos showcasing your products or services to attract more customers or clients. For example you own an online art gallery, you can make a painting tutorial video and tag your store at the description or you can just simply mention it while doing the tutorial. Most of the time, if your audiences find your videos helpful and interesting, they would also become interested on everything that you do even if it costs them money.

4. Accept Product Endorsements – Let's say you eventually hit a million YouTube subscribers and 10 million lifetime views (wow!), big companies will surely come to you and ask your famous self to endorse their products or services in your videos.

5. Monetize your YouTube Account with Google Adsense – on April 2017, Google Adsense is now only available for channels with atleast 10,000 lifetime video views. "The YouTube Partner Program lets creators monetize their content on YouTube. Creators can earn money from advertisements served on their videos and from YouTube Red subscribers watching their content."

6. Connect and Collaborate – you may have heard about VidCon events. This is a highly organized conference event founded by Vlogbrothers. This is a good time to connect with fellow vloggers and learn how you can boosts each other's earnings. You can do "collab" videos to attract more viewers and who knows, you might be the next "viral" thing on the internet. Remember, the key to success here is making your number of audience grow stronger. The good thing about making friends and connecting with people in the same industry is that you can work together in an independent event. You can do concerts or fan day events where you could require tickets and have the opportunity to sell your merchandise as well.

7. Share your Knowledge – I know that it would take months or years before you could gain a significant number of viewers, so most of the abovementioned tips aren't doable yet. While waiting for your "moment of fame", just be consistent and keep making videos. During times in between, you can offer services online if you are good at "something", like editing. A lot of people are searching for somebody who will teach them how to put music, animations, logos, intros & outros, banners, and stuffs on their videos. So, if you think you are good at it, you can offer an online tutorial and they could Paypaltheir payments to you. If you could earn $50 a day doing tutorials, you'd earn $1500 in 30 days! Wow!


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